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PUBLICATION: Only the River Remains | Kara Women Speak


21 x 26.5cm
Soft cover / Perfect binding
114 pages
Limited Edition, 100 copies, signed and numbered
₩90,000 / $90.00
ISBN  978-89-976052-6-2-03660

For one decade Jane Baldwin has visited Ethiopia, Africa, documenting the lives of Kara women living on the Omo River through photography, voice recordings and video. Baldwin is especially focused on bringing their voices to the world after witnessing the imperiled ecosystem and endangered livelihood of these women due to the construction of dams and other development policies.

"Working behind a medium format Hasselblad, the relationship between the artist and subject is unbroken, forming a cross-cultural bridge of human understanding. The direct gaze of each woman exhibits a transparency of spirit, both vulnerable and of tremendous strength."

- Anne Veh, Curator


Project Director  Sangyon Joo  
Curator  Kwan Hoon Lee
Coordinator  Soo Yeon Kim
Translation  Zoey Hayeon Lee, Cathy Kyu Yeon Kim
Book Design  Min Young Kim
Korean Proofreading  Juyoung Jung
Printing and Binding  Datz Books

Book ©2017 Datz Press
Photographs ©2004-2014 Jane Baldwin
Text © Jane Baldwin, Anne Veh, Lori Pottinger 

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher and the artist.

The entire bookmaking process of this book is carried out with exquisite craftsmanship by Datz Books.